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Monday, July 18, 2011

The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - 1

Part one
(corrections and additions: see bottom page)


If you take a map of the centre of the city of Trieste, and then you draw three lines between important points of the zone, you’ll obtain a triangle. Triangles are important in the occult and exoteric shaping of the cities. Not only the Romans, but as well the Etruscans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Mayas, the Sumerians etc. were building their cities having as ideal reference grid the constellations in the sky. As the sect of Luciferian priests never ceased to rule the earth since at least 6,000 years, the reference to the celestial virgin, translated in the shape of streets and buildings, can be found in many modern town. For example the capital of the District of Columbia, from where the North American confederate states are ruled by a Vatican corporation, the Congress.


The squared triangle shaped with the Pennsylvania avenue, with the Congress, its reference to the celestial Virgo, and the reference of her to the occult exoteric Lucifer entity, was a conscious product of the willing of those priests, who, with the help of the brother of the first American Roman Catholic bishop, the Jesuit Carroll, transformed the occult symbolism of their theological and material absolute power on earth in the shape of the building and the streets of Washington.

From the article quoted in the previous message, "The 'American' masonic cup - filled with Vatican and Jesuitical sap":


"....L'Enfant carefully planned for the federal city to manifest the star pattern formed by three stars (all of the first magnitude) surrounding Virgo. They are: Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus. These form almost a perfect right angled triangle with Virgo inside the triangle.

The White House represents Arcturus, the guardian star, supposed to confer renown and prosperity.

The Capitol represents Regulus, the “Little King.” It shows that Congress is King, ruling from the Capitol, the place of power and command.

The Washington Monument represents Spica. On star maps, Spica is in the wheat ear held by Virgo, and so it represents future growth, nourishment, wealth, renown, and advancement.

In this way, the so-called “federal triangle” was meant to bring to earth the heavenly triangle of stars surrounding Virgo. In fact, L'Enfant originally designed this to be a perfect right-angel triangle, but the Washington Monument was ultimately constructed to one side, because, they said, the foundations were not secure enough to place it in the location drawn up by L'Enfant. Thus, the federal triangle was no longer a perfect Masonic square (right angle).

However, in moving the Monument to one side, it became a near-perfect representation of the actual location of the three stars mentioned above. These stars nearly form a right triangle, but not quite. Spica is two degrees too far south to make it a perfect right triangle. In constructing the Monument slightly off center, they made the federal triangle reflect the precise positions of the three stars!

The Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol was meant to portray the ecliptic—that is, the path of the Sun through the Zodiac (that is, the constellations). Constitution Avenue, which runs parallel to the Mall, has zodiacs on either side of it. The Dirkson Building on the east end of the Capitol grounds contains 12 zodiacs. On the other end of Constitution Avenue there are 3 more zodiacs. The idea was to portray the ecliptic path as America's path—that we would follow the Constitution (avenue), rather than the laws of hereditary kings. ...."

The city of Trieste is surely less important in the Novo Ordo Seclorum agenda if compared with the city of Washington D.C. And only God knows how many other cities have their brave triangle of Virgo. But the city of Trieste was important also for the (occult) building of the same American nation. Maximilian, the ‘emperor’ of Mexico, sailed from this city to ‘free’ Mexico and the North America from the cursed secular powers, exactly the year before the murdering of President Abraham Lincoln, on the 14th April 1864. That was not the blind coincidence of unforeseeable future events. And Trieste is the centre of the particular form of nationalism, the “Irredentism”, that pushed the Italian reign to fight against the Central Empires, causing so the defeat and the vanishing of the German bloodlines governing the centre Europe – and with them the vanishing of the old Protestant power in continental Europe. So the triangle of Trieste doesn’t lie in an arbitrary location. I didn’t have fun drawing casual lines to then build an alleged product of my fantasy in order to impress people. The corners of this celestial triangle are noteworthy!

The celestial triangle found itself with a corner on the historical hill where the ancient castle – named in honour to the saint patron of the city, “saint Just” – is laying, and with the other two corners in the below plain, in two squares: Goldoni square (Carlo Goldoni,Venetian author of brilliant and satirical comedies), and Giuseppe Garibaldi square (Giuseppe Garibaldi, the “Hero of two worlds”, who unified the peninsula under the command of the Savoy bloodline). And also its inclination respect the N-S and W-E points are surely not the product of a blind coincidence. Please, note the date and location of the below sky map and then compare both triangles (if you dont see the images, please click on the void space to see them):

If you measure the angles and the sides you’ll see the nearly perfect coincidence among both triangles. I don’t have under the hands the specialized astronomical literature giving the exact angular distances and ascent of the stars, but simple measures directly realized on both maps. If you take the sides A and B of both triangles and then you calculate the rapport A/B, for the first astronomical triangle you’ll obtain 0.61 meanwhile for the urban triangle the value is 0.60. The values for the other rapport, A/C, are respectively 0.58 and 0.57. If you consider another astronomical triangle, you’ll obtain approximatively the same values:

Here the rapport A/B is 0.63 and the rapport A/C is 0.54. The astronomical triangle, calculated with an astronomical software, is more exact than the artistic triangle of the above pic. Now, in order to verify the similarity between both triangles, you have to apply a simple trigonometric theorem which states the similarity of two triangles when at least two sides and the angle between them are equal (or the sides - if they are not coincident for both triangles – at least giving the same proportion). An empirical measurement for the angle between the sides A and B of the ‘artistic’ triangle gives the approximate value of 87°, the celestial triangle 80° and the urban triangle 78°. All the values are an approximation of the true value. But also considering the unavoidable errors, it is clear that the triangle on the ground is representing the one in the sky. In a strict sense, of course, they are not geometrically similar, but in the real world it doesn’t exist two identical or similar triangles, this is only a geometrical and mathematical abstraction.

The first corner (signed with # 1) materially built was the obelisk/pillar on the hill, which has been consecrated to the victory of Italy in the WWI. The defeat of the s.c. “Central Empires” as result of the European conflict 1914 – 1918, was the partial, planned result of the long lasting war Rome is pursuing, since at least the sixteenth century, in order to submit again the riotous Northern European ‘provinces’ of its 2500 years lasting Luciferian Roman empire. Under the alibi of the “union of the Italian city of Trieste with the mother homeland Italy”, so under a national alibi, there was and is hidden the Counter Reformation war and the implacable imposition of the papal supremacy on the Northern populations. The obelisk, with its five faces (*) , was built by the Fascist regime at the top of a big flight of steps and is representing the star Spica :

Shortly, I give you here a reference also to the patron of the city whose name is also the name of the near castle. With ‘saint’ Just, one among the gods of the pagan pantheon of the Roman Catholic church, we are going directly to the core of the Saturnalia brotherhood, from which the Vatican, the Jesuit order, the ‘free’ or not Masonry are born. His image, fixed in the cathedral near the castle, the “Cattedrale di San Giusto”, at the top of the hill, shows to you the true origin of the two Masonic pillars – Boaz and Jachin:

On the top of the hill, near the castle and the cathedral, there are the ruins of the the ancient Roman temple. The cathedral is its successor, as the Roman Catholic church is only the old Roman Empire with the word “empire” translated and disguised in its theological correspondent “catholic church”. In the future I’ll return on saint Just, for now it is sufficient only to mention him.

The second corner (# 2) of this sacred triangle, the corner that, together with the first represents the side A of the celestial triangle, is sited down below the flight of steps, in Goldoni square. It takes the place of the star Arcturus of the celestial triangle. It was built some years ago and is part of a monument dedicated in honour to “all the victims” of the WWII. “All”: from the anti-fascist victims tortured and killed in the concentration camps to their Fascist and Nazi executioners who did not die “of old age in Los Angeles” like their Roman Catholic SS commandant Globocnik. Virtually the monument is also dedicated to the Italian victims of Tito’s army. But as the others, they too were sacrificial victims, “Opfern” dedicated to the underground gods of the Vatican which, through the destruction of the civil life with bloody ethnic clashes in the North Adriatic regions, pursued - first - its war of destruction, and second, its war of re-conquest of the riotous Northern European ‘provinces’. Divert the attention from your Counter Reformation goals with the ethnic and national bloody wars, and use them like a disguised military and especially theological hammer to realize – without awareness of the masses – those the same Counter Reformation goals. Here’s the monument in Goldoni square – have you still doubts about the occult importance of this city for the building of the Novo Ordo Seclorum?

An interesting particular is the light system used to enlighten this sort of alien machine. Meanwhile for the other two corners of the triangle their lights are coming from outside, this pillar has the lights inside, and so at night it gives a very sinister impression: you would agree with the surname I chose, “alien machine”, if you looked at it after the sunset (the citizens surnamed it “CD box”).

Then you had surely noted the yellow/white building just in front of the pillar. The building is the seat of the “Lega degli Istriani” (= ”League of Histrians”), the legue of the Italian Vertriebenen who have been expelled from Istria by Tito in the immediately following years after the end of WWII. My mother was six year old when she leaved Istria. The colours of the building is not responding to pure aesthetic standards. Yellow (even if in a different tone) and white are the official colours of the Vatican flag:

The flag of the Vatican theocratic despotic monarchy, whose power and despotism has been enormously increased after the ethnic hate and wars went spread in the North Adriatic regions. The oppression and violence suffered by the not Italian Slovenian and Croatian populations by the s.c. ‘Irredentist’ Italian nationalism since 150 years ago, led to the automatic consequence of further sequent violence perpetrated on the Italian community of Istria and Dalmazia after a century. Since the second half of the XIX century an abyss of hate and clashes, covered by hypocrite and false expression of ‘collaboration among ethnic groups’, is keeping the North Adriatic regions in the condition of a powder store whose keys are exclusively in the hands of the Vatican and its Jesuits controllers . So it is clear why you have here the seat of the Italian Vertriebenen from Istria. To explain better the importance, you have to know that the representatives of the “Lega degli Istriani” were the last people Joerg Haider officially met in a lunch before to die .

In the upper image you can see the virtual side delimited by the two pillars. “On the Saint Just Hill”/ “Colle di San Giusto” is visible the “Victory” pillar/obelisk. Below it the “Scalinata dei Giganti”/”Giants’ flight of steps” which connects the corner # 1 with the corner # 2. Note the entry of the tunnel, also a work of the Italian Fascist regime after the end of first World war, a work that recalls echoes of that underworld world, of which the pontifex maximus of Rome represents the ‘ponte’ aka the ‘bridge’ to enter in communication with the Hell. And approximatively, over the entrance of tunnel, , there were also the old Jewish and the evangelical cemetery – before the Bonaparte’s laws did push them outside the urban area.

It remains the third corner (#3), the third angle necessary to draw the side B and the side C. It is sited in a triangular square, the square entitled to Garibaldi. Giuseppe Garibaldi was a mason:


"...An active freemason, Garibaldi had little use for rituals, but thought of masonry as a network to unite progressive men as brothers both within nations and as members of a global community. He was eventually elected the grand master of the Grand Orient of Italy....".

At the top of a pillar, on the corner, shaping the angle where the sides C and B converge, there’s the statue of the Madonna, taking the celestial place of the star Regulus:

I would have putted the ‘virgin’ Mary at the top of the hill, as the star represented by that obelisk is Spica of the Virgo constellation. So for coherence this should be the right place for the Romanist ‘virgin’. But if you consider that it has five faces, all the counts fit: five like a recall to the female entity of Lucifer (Venus, Isis, etc.) and so the Regulus shaped with the form of a golden 'virgin' could represent just the image of the reflex of the essence of the first obelisk on the hill/capitol (**). In any case the three obelisks/pillars have not been placed by a blind hand but following a precise plan that must bring the reflex of the celestial design on the ground of this Jesuit city. It has to be remarked that the Madonna is looking at East-North-East, with the sight (= side C) inclined respect the parallels for 20, 21 degrees. I am interested to note if the statue, the golden statue alluding to the rays of the sun, is virtually obscured by the first obelisk on the hill during the sunset of a precise day.

The inclination of the urban triangle is about the same of its celestial twin in the month of August. The date of the image generated by an astronomical software is the 10th August. I consulted an astronomical manual with tables referred to the sky for every month of the year. For the boreal hemisphere, in the month of August, the inclination of the celestial triangle is the same of the urban one. From the 1st August to the 1st September starting from the 11 PM (1st August) to end to the 9 PM (1st September), the stars Spica and Regulus which are tracing the ecliptic are below the horizon meanwhile Arcuturus of Boote is above the horizon. If you could see through the earth you’ll see a triangle – at a precise different hour every night, from the 11 to the 9 PM – with about the same inclination of the urban one. Why? But because in august there’s the Roman Catholic holyday of the acceptance of the ‘virgin’ Mary in the sky. Truly speaking, it seems that Rome simply turned the sense of the words, as with the month of July the Virgo constellation disappear below the horizon, in the ‘underworld’, the same underworld of which the entrance of the tunnel along the side A of the urban Virgo seems to allude. In the Romanist theological language, ‘Sky’ and ‘paradise’ are code-names for the concept of Hell and Underworld.

End of the first part.

Rat-lines in Trieste

Rat-lines in Washington, D.C.

------------- CORRECTIONS & ADDITIONS - 22 Feb '09 --------------

Evidently the obelisk is not with "evident eight faces" but with five faces. A pentagon, and so through the number 15 is linked with Venus/Isisi/'virgin' Mary/etc. cult (I am going with the memory to the Craig Oxley statements) so the obelisk is too linked with the female entity, in other word, not simply with Virgo, but more exactly with her true identity, Lucifer. For consequence, I added the sentence below, marked with (**): "But if you consider that it has five faces,.......etc........of the reflex of the essence of the first obelisk on the hill/capitol (**)".

For the female number Five (5), see the post of Feb 20 2009, 06:13 PM in "THE SATURNALIAN BROTHERHOOD EXPOSED, HOW THE 666 NIMROD LEADERSHIP THINK". In any case the reversed five pointed star of the Washington city dedicated to the cult of Virgo is esplicit.

Other corrections are the date of the sailing of Maximilian to Mexico - he didn't sail the same year of Krushov and of the suspect murder of Korolev, the Russian von Braun, but a century before, the 14 Apr. 1864. And the age of the building of the Saturnalia tunnel, the years after the first WW, because Mussolini after the second WW was only a rotten corpse laying in his hometown grave.

Originary published in "Sex and the Vatican" blog:

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The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - 1

Part one



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