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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Contradictions of the Jew-bashers


     I found old interventions of 2Tuff/Craig Oxley in a board forum which support the usual Vatican Jesuit spin on the "Jews masterminds of the NWO" and therefore of Masonry etc. Dated: 2006. I just looked here and here, and chose two pieces of a member of the admin opposing to 2Tuff/Craig Oxley which then will explain the rest of this post.

First excerpt:

"....If one were to presume that the Templars and subsequent organizations held their privileges thanks to, and only by authority of the Vatican, then that would be a fair reason to believe they were actually controlled by the Vatican, and that such must consequently be the case for the freemasons who evolved out of the organizations.

But as seen from the indications mentioned above, it seems clear that the Templars did not get their actual power and authority from the Vatican, but directly from the occult rulers the Vatican obeys to. Conversely, their power was taken away by a French royal, and not the Vatican.

Second excerpt:

 ".........Since we're talking about the Jesuits again, let's go back to them, and note that Ignatius de Loyola was of jewish origins (a Marrano). It is said that he already belonged to an illuminati secret society (the Alumbrado) before he created the Jesuit order (although I don't know of any evidence to support that allegation, so watch out for disinformation...) at the demand of the pope.
 Can we say that the Jesuit order is an illuminati organization? Sure! Since it is related to the illuminati controlled catholic Vatican. Can we say that the illuminati brotherhood is a "Jesuit brotherhood". Certainly NOT!!!...".

     Both excerpts of Starglider Site Admin, Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:29 pmURL: http://www.thebiggestsecret.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2156&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15&sid=da02188542a1f06540e88319eeb0e9ea

     Therefore the "Alumbrados aka Jews (as Loyola was Jew) control the Vatican". Therefore Jesuits are "Jewish creation". To not speak about Masonry. But something doesn't fit. You can understand it simply confronting the both images below. Any comment is superfluous.

    Above image - The above image comes from the results after having searched with two keys, "nwo jesuits" and "nwo jews" in the web and in the German Google. For the "Jews" we have 4,750,000 results and for "Jesuits" 695,000 results, about nearly seven time less.

      Above image - Then i tried the English Google, but the online Romish Masonic censorship understood my goal, just only reading the preventive content of this post and what I was searching in the web. So meanwhile for the key "Jesuits" it exited the result 764,000, for the key "Jews" it resulted a lesser value, about 2,700,000. I say 'about' because when trying to search again with the word "Jews", the field indicating the result mysteriously changed, and only for the searches with word "Jesuits" it was given the number of results, for the word "jews" only a strange   "70 personal results. This is a limited preview". Practically they read what you are preparing to publish, they read your searches with the searching engine and they can have an idea of what you are searching etc., so they can modify the web in order to present to you only what they want: the NWO is a "Jewish plot!!!".

    A part the consideration that internet is a NATO battlefield and NATO is a gentile Vatican/Jesuit army (with more or less Jewish masques for coreography), it remains the understand  how much idiot are such "Jews" who should control the Vatican, "perfidious" but - at the same time!  - so stupid that aren't able - notwithstanting their "absolute" control, to  change the results of the web searching engines. Maybe because they have always to keep the propaganda against themselves, and if (for hypothesis) you then check the results and found one site against Jews for every ten sites against Jesuits, evidently something would not fit after you check the real consistence of millions of anti-Jewish sites which must overwhelm other opposite information in order to keep the "Jewish plot" ever at the top of the classifications (they could create different "parallel" web nets).
    Therefore such idiotic "Jewish plot", in order to exist, needs of a third no-Jewish force, benevolent to him, a force helping him, elsewhere he could destroy himself with the proper hands in only few microseconds. But this alleged benevolent force helping the most cretin plot of human history exists, and is the gentile Vatican/Jesuit plot, who is benevolent in front of the "Jewish plot" only because with it he hides the proper ones. At the point that he is disposed to invent one only in order to not be detected.


  1. I would like to add some more contradictions of the Jew-bashers:

    - why were there UN resolutions condemning Israel at all, the UN being one obvious major NWO faction, if the Jews are allegedly at the top of the NWO? Jew bashers like to point out that Israel ignored the UN resolutions, but they never ask the question why these resolutions came into existence at all.

    - why are other leading NWO factions like the EU or the US administration (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton) condemning Israel for example over its settlement policy if allegedly Israel is in control of it all?

    - why are you hearing about major PR fiascos for Israel like the Gaza aid flotilla or the Dubai assassination by the Mossad in the mainstream media at all if allegedly the Jews control all the media?

    - why has Israel so much problems with its security and its reputation the latter often leading to its isolation in the international community in recent times if it is allegedly in control of it all?

    - why is Noahide law not enforced by the Western judicial system if allegedly the Jews control it all?

    - why if the Jews control it all had a German court decided against the circumcision of infant boys and why is it heavily discussed in the German media with a strong bias against it leading an important representative of the Jewish community to voice her disbelief and frustration and to ask the question if Germany still wants the Jews at all?

    - why did the Vatican not recognize the state of Israel until 1993 and why does the Catholic press and Catholic representatives increasingly complain about a "Zionist tsunami" if the allegedly all-powerful Jews even control the Vatican?

    - why had Israel to make any concessions to the Palestinians at all like those agreed upon due to the Oslo peace treaty which as some say just made the intifada possible in the first place if Israel is in absolute control?

    But you know that in an act of cognitive dissonance and out of the inability to critically reflect over the own belief system the Jew-bashers will never address such contradictions.

  2. UN Watch: UN Human Rights Council seeks to demonize and delegitimize Israel

    Bloodbath on the high seas: UN condemns Israel's deadly raid on Gaza aid flotilla

    Biden Scolds Israel Over Settlement Plan Again (VIDEO)

    Clinton Criticizes Israel's Eviction, Demolition Plans

    Clinton criticizes Israel over E. Jerusalem demolition

    Clinton calls Israel's move in East Jerusalem "disturbing"

    Helen Thomas: Israelis Should “Go Back to Germany”

    Israel east Jerusalem policy threatens peace: EU

    Israel annexing East Jerusalem, says EU

    Israel east Jerusalem policy threatens peace: EU

    EU Accuses Israel Over Attacks on Lebanon

    EU criticises Israel settler plan

    EU report says Israel seeks to annex east Jerusalem

    EU condemns Israel over east Jerusalem

    EU Report Criticizes ‘Illegal Annexation’ of East Jerusalem

    Europe decries Israel's 'illegal' takeover of Jerusalem

    Unhappy with Israel, EU condemns Dubai killing

    The Vatican vs the ‘Zionist tsunami’
    The slandering of Israel is growing at an alarming rate among the most important Catholic journalists.

    At Rome synagogue, Pope defends Nazi-era Vatican

    Jewish leader lays into Germany 'Do you still want us Jews?'

    "In a widely publicized letter to Israel's ambassador to Germany, Norbert Bluem, a former labor minister under Chancellor Helmut Kohl, described the Israeli offensive as a "war of annihilation" - the very term employed by Adolf Hitler to describe the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union. And Juergen Moellemann, deputy chairman of the liberal Free Democrats, a likely coalition partner in the next German government, said of Palestinian violence, "I would resist too, and use force to do so," adding that would apply "not just in my country but in the aggressor's country as well." Such deliberately provocative language was once taboo outside far-right and far-left circles here. And some observers view the political mainstreaming of anti-Israeli sentiment as more than an immediate response to the crisis, but a deeper expression of Germany's desire not to be shackled by history as the unified republic assumes a greater role on the world stage."

    Peter Finn: "In Germany, harsh words for Israel", International Herald Tribune, 10. April 2002

  3. First of all Quintessenz thanks for your comments. This material is worth of a post or an article, more than to be used in a comment. The fact is that Israel/Gaza dialectic is the World Industry for Anti-Semitism, which must incessantly to work to hide other agendas. I Gaza is a training camp, for this Hamas provide high discipline in order to offer to the Israeli front always an hard military threat which will cause the Israeli reaction with collateral Arab civilian casualties to then exhibit in all the world. Its a training camp where entire generations of Pacif(asc)ists are trained not simply in the anti-Jewish hate, but in the more elaborate dialectic of HIDING it inside the folder of the many ideologies of this world:


  4. Then, after the training, they come back to home and all their training is concretely applied in the society. As regard the Jewish 'infiltration' of Masonry it seems very stupid that such Jews, after having allegedly even created the Jesuit order, then they forget in to make it appear in front of the world as the N.1 founder of Masonry, meanwhile they (with a contradiction of the jew-bashers) continue to present a Masonry filled with openly Jews members.

  5. This URL mysteriously works no more [I suggest to ALWAYS save interesting pages]:

    At Rome synagogue, Pope defends Nazi-era Vatican

    Probably suppressed as this 'Israel' (Jesuit-Sabbataian protectorate) obey to the Vatican as in this case???:

    ".....Recently, following the recommendation of the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research, the panel regarding the wartime activities of the Vatican and Pope Pius XII has been updated. This is an update to reflect research that has been done in the recent years, and presents a more complex picture than previously presented. Contrary to what has been reported, this change is not a result of Vatican pressure......."
    URL: http://gatesofcity.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/yad-vashem-statement-regarding-updated-text-on-the-panel-about-the-vatican-response/
    ...and in my:
    Wednesday, July 25, 2012
    A question of volumes.


  6. Hi Avles,

    thank you for your comments on the topic of the contradictions of the Jew-bashers.

    Here is the working version of the defunct link – they just changed the URL format a bit:


    And here another one for you that you might find interesting:

    Vatican cardinal calls Gaza "big concentration camp"

    > Gaza is a training camp, for this Hamas provide high discipline in order to offer to the Israeli front always an hard military threat which will cause the Israeli reaction with collateral Arab civilian casualties to then exhibit in all the world.

    I agree with that very much. You are one of the few who can look beyond this deceptive front layer, look beyond the dialectic mechanisms. It should be obvious to anyone that there are non-Jewish, non-Arab factions who want this conflict going, and none of the two sides is really benefitting here. Too often people in the conspiracy research movement decide to take sides in this conflict, and we know what side this in most of the cases. Then the cognitive dissonance gets into full gear and even the tiniest aggression by the other (i.e. Arab) side is withheld or marginalized as mere reaction by so called "freedom fighters". This taking sides does not get us anywhere as far as searching for the truth is concerned.

    You are free to use my material for an article or a post if you want to, you are even encouraged to do so. Maybe I will send this compilation around to a small list of recipients.

  7. Again they did the same trick, I write a comment and then when i click "publish" it appear "server not found".

  8. So I am constrained to write before on a documennt and then paste and copy, as these satanists are boycotting me.


  9. This is what I said / wrote and they boycotted (i'm not fool) with that sudden "server is unavailable":

    Now Rome is ready to attack the nature of Jesus as Saviour transforming him in a 'prophet'. All that will immediately gain the absolute, devoted and suicidal support of the Islamic galaxy which will become the Rome's SWORD. The Jesus as Saviour will be declared an "invention of Jews" as revenge for the loss of Jerusalem's temple (Adriano, 70 a.C.), with probable related destruction or attempt of destruction of Israel, and the church of Rome will be transformed in the cult of the Mother of "Jesus the Prophet", mother who has been born without sin (Immaculate conception dogma 1854) and assumed in the sky BEFORE to die (Assumption dogma – if not wrong about 1947). So in this way the Jesuits' Counter Reformation think to have totally success, as in order to fight the Only Faith in Only Jesus, they were keen, they didn't touch the subject "Faith", but simply erased (or are trying to erase, as they cannot oppose to the Lord and to Jesus the Saviour) the object of the Faith, who is Jesus, better, the attribute of Salvation of Jesus assuming the Islamic (crypto Roman Catholic) dogma on it (secondary figure, prophet, etc.).

  10. Wolfgang Eggert's book:

    "...... Kapitel 2: Der geförderte Holocaust, der Geheimvatikan unddas Kommen des Messias 323
    Die biblisch-jüdische Mission der Freimaurerei 324

    Freimaurerische Förderung Hitlers zur Förderung desHolocaust 325Wie der Zionismus die Juden Europas für sein blutiges Spieleinsetzte 326Die Apokalypse und die Ankunft des Messias 329Conclusio 330........".


    Practically the Vatican has been created by the Jews. But if so, why all this 'alternative' exposition of Zionism defends the Vatican?

  11. "Who is Wolfgang Eggert?"

    Wer ist eigentlich Wolfgang Eggert?


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  13. I was wondering if anyone here had heard of this Italian, mason (though he says he left the brotherhood.. right!), self-appointed (though to be honest, he did work for the `Edizioni Paoline` and the Vatican) biblical revisionist, anti-theologist and biblical researcher who, even though promoting Judaico anti-christian doctrine and beliefs (the Bible never speaks of God because the Hebrew culture never had the word `god` as we intend it today, the Roman Catholic church stole/plagiarized the Old Testament from the Jews.. Jesus never existed balh, blah, blah ..and if he did exist he would have been a criminal in charge of an armed revolutionary movement..! yep, that is what he says in his books and lectures ..check out youtube and you`ll see), he keeps on regurgitating the idea that Hebrew scholars and Jewish religious entities are brutally attacking him on Internet forums, law courts and on any given occasion (presumably because of his work..). What would you make of that? .. Apparently enemies?

    1. "the Roman Catholic church stole/plagiarized the Old Testament from the Jews.. "

      This is true.
      Your eyes are blind, why do you accuse Mr Biglino to be false enemy of Jews meanwhile the great part of humanity rejects GOD and the salvation through faith in His Holy Son like the "Jews"?