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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barry is disturbing.


".......The antinomian philosophy of Shabbetai Zvi is the subject of an article titled “Deutsch Devils” by Israeli journalist, Barry Chamish, who cites other Jewish sources, beginning with 50 Jewish Messiahs by Jerry Rabow, while interjecting his own comments (**). (This is not an endorsement of Barry Chamish.)........."
URL: http://watch.pair.com/mystery-babylon-3.html

   I read many excerpts and authors quoted by the article's author, but this is the first time I realize he says explicitly to not endorse a quoted sources: "This is not an endorsement of Barry Chamish"

   Why Barry Chamish is disturbing the author of this article? But maybe because Chamish is a Jew, a Jew who fight against the Satanic infiltrations in the Judaism, infiltrations which has the task to present the Jews as "blessed by Satan" and not by the Lord. At the opposite this is the task of the author of the article, which bases the fortune of his propaganda on the confusion between the degeneration of Judaism and Judaism itself, making appear exoterism, etc. a natural consequence of Judaism and not an external influence. In this case the author of the article wins two pigeons with a single shot: 1) destroys the image of Judaism/Jewry as "rotten to the core"; 2) justifies, legitimizes, pardons and approves whichever action and behavior by a not-Jewish entity as, if "Jews are rotten to the core", for a logical dialectical implication "the not-Jews are sane to the core".

    The author spend some energies in to justify therefore the evilness of the Jesuit Order from the alleged Jewish origin of it. But probably we can change the lenses with which the author is forcing also us to read the reality: the accuse of being of Jewish origin was the perfect stick in order to gain from the person under suspicion the obedience to the pope/masterminds behind the Roman Catholic church. If I, a Nazi, am under suspicion to hide my Jewish origin, I have only a way to fight the suspect, i.e. to kill as many Jews is possible, and therefore to kill everyone who is declared "product of evil infiltrated Judaism" [for example: Roman Catholic who are liberal and refuses the pope, etc.]. Therefore the creepy author of this pages gives us - without awareness - another true clue of the Jesuit mind. The obsession against the "Jewish fifth columns", which brought tens of millions of death, was instilled just in the executors of such Roman Catholic purges, using against them the same the threat of the suspicion to be a "Jewish fifth column". And for this reason "Jews had to be infiltrated everywhere", beginning from the founder of the Jesuit order. A simple question of psychological technique of manipulation of the hyearchical chain.

     At the end of all, Satan, in all his deceptions, cannot avoid to tell the truth, it needs only you to be able to catch it, and this article is a beautiful witness of that.

In 1776, Meyer Amschel Rothschild would have been the kingpin of the Prieuré de Sion, even though he is not listed as the Grand Master and is also never mentioned in books exposing the Prieuré de Sion, such as Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The Messianic Legacy, etc. which their authors promote as “meticulously researched.” 

[Well, so where is he quoted as Grand Master of? It is sufficient Springmayer? Were the Rotschild "Grand Masters", simply the  Men of Straw of someone else?]

The Prieuré de Sion or “Priory” of Zion is no doubt a religious front for the Learned Elders of Zion, the high cabal of International Jewry responsible for the Protocols of Zion, a strategy for world domination.  

 [If you only substitutes the word Jewry with the word Jesuits you'll have clear all - Did Jesuits accepted the nickname "Jesuits" as it was inter-changeable with the word "Jews" and therefore it helped that religious shapeshifting for which they could transform the image to them given to society avoiding to be identified as an unity?]

Adam Weishaupt said of the Illuminati, another front for the Learned Elders of Zion: “As in the spiritual Orders of the Roman Church, religion was, alas! only a pretense, so must our Order also in a nobler way try to conceal itself behind a learned society or something of the kind....” (Webster, Secret Societies & Subversive Movements, p. 222)

     Was Adam Weishaput only a puppet of Rome who had to demonstrate the loyalty to the gentile church of Babylon with a coscient work of framing of the Jews and of infiltration of the Masonry? Evidently the psychological pressure of the always pending accuse to be a "Jewish infiltrated in our Order" pushed the target of such accuses to perpetrate the most infamous acts against the Jews. The excerpt allegedly from the mouth of Weishaput, seems more to witness a man who is anxious to demonstrate himself loyal to the anti-Jewish Roman Catholic church, explicitly declaring his innocence respect the always pending accuse to be a Jewish infiltrated, demonstrating the proper attitude to discover any attempt of infiltration and to be, the case of the life would have presented to him, the diligent spy at the service of the crusade against the Jews ["....must our Order also in a nobler way try to conceal itself behind a learned society"].

 “Beer was the American expert on colonial questions at the Peace Conference in Paris. With Lord Eustace Percy, he drew up the plan for the History of the Peace Conference which was carried out by Harold Temperley. The British Round Table group served at the conference as advisers to Prime Minister David Lloyd George. [The real behind- the-scene experts at the Paris conference included M. (Georges) Mandel (real name Jereboam Rothschild) (France), Phillip Sassoon (1888-1939) (England) and Bernard Baruch (U.S.).] Beer was named head of the Mandate Department of the League of Nations as soon as it was established.” (Mystery Man: George Louis Beer)
      It is interesting to see that a Sasson is a Jewish surname, and a Sasson in Italy is considered among the masters of a ......Jew-basher [and card. Bertone's carpet], Beppe Grillo. See my:

   " Well, why a supposed member of the "Rotschild clan" [Sasson], a clan which  "desires the annihilation of Iran", should give the orders to Beppe Grillo, the supporter of Iran and of the Ayatollah, the Socialist comic who is an hater of Israel?"
  Tuesday, March 05, 2013

From Dingle Bay to Bering Straits - with the amazing circus of the Five Stars. 


We are forced to conclude that ultra-Orthodox Jewry is simply the religious extreme of the dialectic in professed, but not actual, opposition to secular Zionism. The dialectical process, which is designed to polarize the masses and destabilize the status quo in order to restructure the social order, will ultimately unite world Jewry in a Babylonian religious system based on Kabalism, which is the common denominator of Zionism and ultra-Orthodox Jewry.

 [isn't this the task of the Satanic infiltration in the Jewry? Being Satan interested in to make explode the covenant, isn't he infiltrating Jewry in order to use it not like a positive example to the world, but a negative example to it, in front of the world and of the Lord? Therefore transform Jewry itself in "satanism" and you'll have no more need of the concept of "infiltration" which forces you to distinguish between two subjects...between the infiltrated one and the infiltrator. This task is doing in obedience to the infiltrator (Satan) which needs to disappear from the sight of the humans to corrupt, changing his name in "Judaism". Result: a world without "Satan" but with the threat of "Judaism", which relaxes you from being alerted against the Satan's temptation and substitutes the spiritual alert with the ideological hobby of the "hunt to the Jew" - creepy mind the one of the author of this articles....].

Psalm 119:91 says of the Lord, “...for all are thy servants”— which reveals that all men, even the wicked, are fulfilling the sovereign purposes of God whether they realize it or not. So the Zionists, who are funded by Rothschild money and think they are so brilliant as to outwit, not only the Christians, but God Himself, are in fact opposing themselves (Acts 18:6) and, in the final analysis, signing their own death warrants. Likewise, the ultra-Orthodox Kabbalists.

    No, they are signing the death warrant of the Jews and stop, as Rotschild are used by the gentile Roman Catholic church/Babylon Mystery religion to confuse/obscure the infiltration of Israel by the enemy of Israel, the Mystery Religion of Babylon. The trick of Satan consists in to alter and to degenerate the Jewish religion presenting before the eyes of the Jews a corrupted model [Roman Catholicism] to then implanting it in the Jewish religioius body making it to appear [dialectic of the appearances] as its opponent, that "Jews are contaminating Roman Catholicism". The author of the article so let us to know another truth. From this point of view it  is clear the work of Satan and his masterwork, the church of Rome, with the "forced conversions": as Jewry is a spiritual concept, a total annihilation of Jews would not annihilate the spiritual core of it. Better to convert the Jews, to force them to mantain a secret loyalty towards the ancient genuine Jewish religioius tradition, a loyalty which, all along the generations of the descendents of the converted ones, will be corrupted by the second identity of the converted, the Roman Catholicism. This is the true secret of the conversion, not the rough model presented, of a true changing of the converted ones, but the degeneration of the religious loyalty before the conversion transforming the old loyalty to the severe prescription of YHWH in a grotesque mockery to Him. Roman Catholicism and Jesuits wants precisely this and this alluded Loyola, when he said:

 It is accordingly much to their credit that the Jesuits were firmly opposed (particularly under Ignatius and his first three successors as Superior General of the Jesuits) to ecclesiastical anti-Semitism and to the Inquisition’s persecution of suspected Jews.
 But for only simple reason of military tactic, as Sun Tzu teaches  to you that "never put the enemy with the shoulder at the wall, always let him a way to escape, elsewhere he will fight with all his forces". The creepy author of the article - but - treats us like cretins who don't know such military rules. Therefore in order to 'elaborate' Jewry, you need to let the Jewish enemy to relax... In fact read the continuation of this 'precious' article:
  When Ignatius was accused of having partly Jewish ancestry, he replied, ‘If only I did! What could be more glorious than to be of the same blood as the Apostles, the Blessed Virgin, and our Lord Himself?’”
     Jesuits' cunning! But what is else doing here our friend Loyola if not the old trick of the policeman of the political department who, meanwhile arresting political demonstrators, in order to trick them he says to them "Uh, don't fear, I too agree with your ideas, If only I could I would be with you in the rally!".   Therefore the phrase of Loyola was - to tell the truth even not so exceptionally cunning - simply propaganda aimed to to Jews, to not fear the Jesuits and to obtain their benevolent trust in order then to manipulate them.... As the Jews surely were seeing the 'heretics' with more favorable sentiment respect the church of Rome, and therefore were always considered potential allies of the Reformers....gaining some Jews on the Counter Reformation's side was a good idea for Loyola! ["...instead of those old-styled Inquisition cretins, who were only pushing Jews to supports the enemy of the church of Rome!" I can imagine Loyola to say]

    Infiltrate and degenerate, for the sake of the Whore, the church of Rome/Babylon!

 Remember that Satan is firstly the Lord of the Lies and of the tricks, and on earth, after him, the only Number Two is the gentile church of Rome.

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