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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jesuitical gentile shape-shifting [an example]

     Above image - in case they censor this image, I'll explain it to you. You see a man with microphone in hand, in the background the banner of the organizer of the meeting to which he partecipated, the Slovenian organization Slovenska Kulturna Gospodarka Sveza. The encounter occured in Gorizia/Gorica. The man is the former tv news anchorman Demetrio Volcic. He worked with Italian television RAI for many years, and was considered well introduced in the environment controlled by the popish party Democrazia Cristiana. In the meeting he encountered with a functionary of old COmmunist Yugoslavia, Juri Gustincic. Well, the caption of the above picture is an excerpt of Demetrio's talk: "The previous year there was at Tehran the meeting of the Not Aligned countries [yes, it still exist this organization - avles] with 128 countries, the program was no more based on the opposition to the division of the world in two blocks, but on the anti-Americanism, which associates five billions of people".

Five Star like the Grillo's movement. Therefore Volcic here confirms what I told you: American [and Israel] as "instigation" in order to unite the world in the name of the "anti-Americanism" and "anti-Judaism" under the patronage of the Vatican. Volcic confirms Satan who works incessantly. Satan works in order to make appear the Roman Catholic church, his masterwork, as innocent and in order to present, at the Final moment, another one Babylon, an artificial Babylon namely "Israel & America". It is like if I am called by a court, but the day "X" I send there a sosia or a simulacre of me. It is interesting to see how the church of Rome, in the attempt to avoid the final judgement, is pushing in the court of the Lord, all along the timeline, a substitute, that complex identified by the alliance "Israel-America". Therefore the "Jewish question" is perfectly explained if you see it from this perspective. Jews has been blessed by the Lord not because the Lord would have used them as a Joystick to hit other nations, but because among a total degenerated sewer of paganism, occultism, satanism, the operative decision to have a bulwark where to save a witnesses of His Word fell on the Jewish people. Jewry and Christendom are deeply linked and must be destroyed.
 America and Jewry are used by Satan [by his operative church namely "Roman Catholic church"] to make appear Jewry and Christendom the pure expression of Evil and to make appear Roman Catholicism as "innocent". I'm telling you this concept since years, but you don't hear it. Instead you, the Jesuits are listening  me and then they elaborate their counter-intelligence [see below]. If this would not be true, now you would see Roman Catholic armies together Islamic ones invading Jewish and Protestant countries.
Some Jesuit-Nazi contradictions found in: http://watch.pair.com/mystery-babylon-2.html


According to Pinay, the Cathari/Albigenses operated as crypto-Jews who led heretical movements throughout Europe.

“...Jewish revolutionary movements which appeared within Christianity in the form of false teaching and which were introduced by seeming Christians but by Jews in secret. The latter then recruited upright and good Christians for the arising heretical movement by persuading the latter in a crafty way.
“The secret Jews organized and controlled in secret manner the movements, which were the creative and driving-force of wicked false teachings, such as those of the ‘Catarensers,’ of the ‘Patarines,’ of the ‘Albignensians,’ of the ‘Hussites,’ of the ‘Illuminati’ and others.” (p. 238)

The Cathar/Albigensian cults, whose counterparts in southeastern Europe were the Bogomils and the Paulicians in the Near East, have been reimaged by various pseudo-Christian ministries the “true Christians” who were unfairly persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church. Not that God ever sanctioned burning heretics at the stake, nevertheless, any good encyclopedia will furnish copious evidence of the damnable heresies and occult traditions of these Gnostic cults which were also politically subversive.  A detailed discussion of the heresies and subversive activities of these Gnostic sects is presented in our report: “Shock & Awe in the KJV-Only Camp: The Real History of King James Onlyism....."

 " And others.": read as "and of the other Protestant denominations".

".....Although Maurice Pinay inveighed lengthily against Jewish infiltration of the Catholic clergy, it seems never to have occurred to him that these Jews may have been “agents provocateurs” who recruited “upright and good Christians” into heretical movements which their Marrano brethren in the Vatican then brutally suppressed, thereby giving Christianity a reputation for aggression and violence and bringing undeserved reproach upon the name of Jesus Christ, who preached nonviolence.  .........".

    The bold characters are perfectly describing the strategy of Vatican, i.e. to encircle Israel with civilians and to provoke a war where the responsibility for all those Arab civilian victims is on Israel's shoulders. But in fact substitute the above bold-character paragraph words and obtain:

"....these Islamic terrorists may have been “agents provocateurs” who recruited “upright and good Muslims” into fanatical movements which their popish Labour Zioinist brethren in Israel  then brutally suppressed, thereby giving Judaism a reputation for aggression and violence and bringing undeserved reproach upon the name of Judaism, who preached nonviolence.....".

     What an idiocy! "giving Christianity a reputation for aggression and violence": in the Middle Age you hadn't media and internet with which to expose like today the "Protestant/Jewish" violence in order to frame Protestant/Jewish countries! At the opposite, in the Middle Age you had the at-those-times "internet" [the churche of Rome] bombing the people with all the possible imaginable defamation on the 'heretics' and promising quite the property of the 'heretics' who they would have denounced/murdered!!! Not-heretics were assisting to execution like the final match of a soccer league!!!! [What a creepy creature is the author of this article!! Is he maybe a..... Jew?????] In the Middle Age they wanted simply exterminate 'heretics'/Jews and stop. It is evident that the mind of the author of the article is obsessed by the today strategy of framing Israel and America via Arab victims. And obsessed by the purpose to overturn this truth transferring the same strategy in a comfortable past and blaming as 'mastermind' of it just the ones who are the true targets of this strategy today.

 "......Nor did M. Pinay seem to realize that, in many cases, the kings and clergy who compelled Jews to convert were themselves Jews who planned to infiltrate the Church in order to divide and conquer Christianity......"

    Nor the author of such article seem to realize that the gentile satanic pagan hate against Christendom had to convert with the force the Jews (and others religious definition) because they knew that a forced conversion is the best mean to arise hate against Christendom with the magnificent advantage consisting in the easy justification for which such hate is due to the essence of "Jewry" [and not cause the forced conversion]

  ".......At any rate, a major theme of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is a conspiracy to sow discord among the Gentiles and these conspirators know very well that very few are immune to the dialectical process. Maurice Pinay was not one of them, for he typically perceived the evil of only one side of what appears to have been a controlled conflict, that is, both sides directed by the same conspirators......"

     But aren't the Protocol of Zion a way to sow discord among Jews and gentiles? Avoiding that understanding between Jews and gentile society which would defuse the use of Jews as "plotting evil religion"? This fits with the work of Satan in to transform the Jews from the blessed people of the Lord in the cursed people of the Lord [Catholicism of Rome, Orthodox, Lutherans]. The Protocol of Zion is the best proof that a "Jewish plot" doesn't exist. In fact only an idiot would create a protocol of a conspiracy. Conspiracy don't have documents. At the opposite, documents are often created in order to be exhibited. And in this case the Protocol of Zion was created in order to arise anti-Semitism in Russia, a fact which would have push the Jews of Russia and of the world to have sympathy for the Bolsheviks, seen as the only force able to fight an "anti-Semite empire". In its turn all this Jewish support would have been used as a masque for the true mastermind of the Russian revolution, the gentile Vatican and the Jesuits. Once the "anti-Semite empire" was crushed, gentile Vatican and Jesuits wiped away that Jewish masque, using a certain Roman Catholic Stalin who murdered the whole Jewish intelligentsia inside the government and the party.

    Interesting to note that the guys of such an article don't think that Judaism has been involved in history in order to offer a diversion about the Satanic and gentile core of the Roman Catholicism. The author praises the church of Rome but don't say that the Roman Catholicism is a product of the gentile pagan satanism of Rome:

The Avignon papacy in the lifetime of John Wycliffe and beyond seems to have been custom designed by the French Merovingians to agitate public opinion against the Church. It is also noteworthy that it was not the Church of Rome but the Avignon papacy in France which declared the “Immaculate Conception” of Mary to be a dogma of the Church.

    Then another justification of the massacres of Protestants:

Why would Dr. Roth attempt to conceal the real history of European Jewry from approximately 500-800 A.D.? He acknowledges their presence but has nothing to say of their business, which was governing Europe! The reason will become obvious. The Merovingians became the royalty of Europe, having claimed Jewish descent from King David, King Solomon and, posturing as Christians, from Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene! Starting with the first Merovingian king of France, Clovis I, who “converted” to Christianity in 496 A.D. along with his Jewish household and 3,000 of his Jewish warriors, these Jewish monarchs promulgated a heretical version of the gospel. The Merovingian heresy, which is today being reintroduced to through books such as The DaVinci Code (a revival Dr. Roth must have anticipated) goes like this:

“Mary Magdalen has been a critical figure in our story. The evidence strongly suggests she escaped Israel with the bloodline of Jesus, the heir apparent of the king of the Jews, and the issue of a royal marriage which combined the royal lines of the tribes of Judaea and Benjamin—a merging as well of a patriarchal Judaism and those Jews still honoring the mother Goddess. She may have also been carrying the true royal blood—the Star Fire, or the ORME being manufactured by the Essenes for their chosen leaders.

     But of course this is a post-justification for the massacre of the Hueguenots. If "Jews creates heresies" therefore Merovingian are linked with the French Protestants who were assassinated by the gentile Medici in agreement with the Jesuits. Interesting that they were the Medici to import in Europe the gnosticism and various further degeneration of Christendom.... Therefore we have here another evidence on how the Jews are constrained to suffer for the guilty of others - to cover the Medici's work of destruction of Christendom for the sake of the emperor of Rome, the pope.

 Evidence of infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church by great masses of European Jewry is found in numerous independent sources, of which we shall consider a few starting with portions of The Plot Against the Church. Typical of Catholic anti-Judaism, the authors fulminate against Jewish infiltration of the Church, but seem blind to the fact that “Holy Catholic Church” was a Judaized form of Christianity from its inception.

“The lasting victory of the Jewish-Freemasonic and Jewish Communist revolution since the end of the 18th century up to our days is…to be attributed to that neither the Holy Catholic Church nor the separated Churches have fought effectively against the ‘Jewish Fifth Column,’ which has smuggled itself into their bosom.

 [Never fought??! And the Cathars? "Product of Jewry"??! The massacre of Cathars was not an "effective" struggle against Jewish 'infiltrations'? All the millions of Roman Catholics assassinated by Rome, weren't they "part of the church"??! The author of this article is creepy, notwithstanding this is a precious occasion in order to penetrate a Jesuitical mind]


“This ‘Fifth column’ is formed by the descendants of the Jews who in earlier centuries were converted to Christianity and seemingly held in enthusiastic manner to the religion of Christ, while in secret they preserved their Jewish belief and carried out clandestinely the Jewish rites and ceremonies. For this purpose they organized themselves into communities and secret synagogues, which were active centuries-long in secret. These apparent Christians, but secret Jews, began centuries ago to infiltrate the Christian society, in order to attempt to control it from within. For this reason they sowed false doctrine and differences of opinion and even attempted to gain control of the clergy in the different churches of Christ. With all this, they applied the cunning of introducing crypto-Jewish Christians into the seminaries of the priesthood, who could gain admission into the honorary offices in the Holy Catholic Church and then into the dissident churches, upon whose division these secret Jews had so much influence.” (The Plot Against the Church, pp. 235-36)

       A perfect description of the Jesuits' oath. This is intelligent respect to the finality of extermination of Jews and Judaism. Being Jews erased from Europe it would arise some suspects to ascertain that the Roman Catholicism remained the true winner of such religious purge and therefore the fingers would put to Rome as the mastermind of the massacre [WWII-Second Thirty Years war]. For this reason, in order to not fall in contradiction, it is claimed that the massacres against the "Jewish degeneration of the church of Rome" were provoked by the same Jews infiltrated in the church.  From this point of view the Protestants never distinguished themselves for massacring Jews, even the Lutherans. If the author of the article has logic, should affirm that the true Christendom is Protestant. But he cannot say that! As little before he agreed with the fact that Protestantism is a "Jewish creation"!!! [read the above excerpt of this post, the paragraph with "‘Catarensers,’ of the ‘Patarines,’ of the ‘Albignensians,’ of the ‘Hussites,’ of the ‘Illuminati’ and others.". Especially "others" or... Protestants/Christian who refuses Romanism!]
     The marvelous idea of the Jesuits consists simply in to transform the winner in another fantastic version of the defeated one.  If Jews disappear from Europe this is not because the gentile church of Rome wins the war on them, but because the gentile church of Rome is..... Jewish. In other words: if I kill you I can then affirm that you are not dead, but simply I am you after the disappearing of you previous appearance ("killing"; and "if my face is different no problem, you are able to change face and to assume mine because you are perfidious").

    To conclude (only for this moment, when I'll have time I'll continue to expose this author which clearly point to re-new the theological basis for a new Nazi Holocaust) is sufficient the sequent excert by him quoted:

  ".....I. Domb further maintains that the Zionist Movement and its precursor, Reform Judaism, have removed the Jews from observance of the Torah and substituted in its place the secular humanism that characterizes 95 % of world Jewry today. ......."

    The is the theological strategy of Jesuits from their foundation to destroy the 95 Thesis of Luther in the name of the anti-Judaism of Luther.

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