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Monday, March 18, 2013

SMOM and Rite of Strict Observance

An ancestor of Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund as among the commanders of the Malta order:

Rite of Strict Observance

 "......The Rite of Strict Observance was a Rite of Freemasonry, a series of progressive degrees that were conferred by the Order of Strict Observance, a Masonic body of the 18th century.

Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund (1722–1776) introduced a new Scottish Rite to Germany, which he renamed "Rectified Masonry" and, after 1764, the "Strict Observance", while referring to the English system of Freemasonry as the "Late Observance."
The Rite appealed to German national pride, attracted the non-nobility, and was allegedly directed by "Unknown Superiors". The Strict Observance was particularly devoted to the reform of Masonry, with special reference to the elimination of the occult sciences which at the time were widely practiced in many lodges, and the establishment of cohesion and homogeneity in Masonry through the enforcement of strict discipline, the regulation of functions, etc.
Despite its initial popularity, growing dissatisfaction among members over the failure to being initiated into the mysteries of the Unknown Superiors ("ascended masters" which were later claimed to be clerics of the Knights Templars) led to the Strict Observance being dissolved in 1782.[1]......"

 URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rite_of_Strict_Observance

Karl Gotthelf von Hund

 "....Karl Gotthelf, Baron von Hund und Altengrotkau (1 September 1722, Unwürde - 10 October 1776, Meiningen) was a German freemason. In 1751, he founded the Rite of Strict Observance.
Karl Gotthelf von Hund came from Silesia, descended from Henry von Hund und Altengrotkau (ca 1480). Henry’s son was Commander of the Order of Malta in Glatz, where in 1518 and 1523 he held the Office of the Governor. Documents from around 1300 show John and Christopher von Hund, but it is not proven that they belong to the line that later became Altengrotkau. Karl Gotthelf's father, Joachim Hildebrand von Hund was chamberlain and Electoral Saxon landowner. The family of von Hund and Altengrotkau owned their estate from 1607 and from 1704 the estate of Upper Kittlitz in Upper Lusatia. Karl’s father died very early, so that his still minor son inherited the estate. The guardianship of the son and his mother fell to Caspar Heinrich von Rodewitz. Karl Gotthelf was the youngest of three children, but his elders died before his birth, so that he was entitled to special care and a good teaching. He studied in Leipzig from 1737 to 1739. Then he joined the Army under the command of Colonel Friedrich von Schoenberg. Because of the death of his beloved, the daughter of his guardian, von Hund decided never to marry.
 In 1741 Hund was at the coronation of Charles VII in Frankfurt, where he was admitted to the Masonic brotherhood. In 1742 he was in Paris, and there converted to Catholicism under the influence of a noble lady. Here, on 20 February 1743, he became Master of a lodge.

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Gotthelf_von_Hund

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