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Sunday, April 28, 2013

"2010: The Year We Make Contact": propaganda for solar neutrinos and standard solar model?

As Leonov and Discovery launch away, Bowman appears once again to Hal and tells him that their mission has been a success and repeats that "something wonderful" is going to happen. Hal admits once again to Bowman that he is afraid, to which Bowman simply replies "Don't be". He commands Hal to break his communication link with the Leonov and to repeatedly broadcast a final message to Earth:
Jupiter is engulfed by monoliths, which increase its density to the point that nuclear fusion occurs, transforming the planet into a small star. Discovery is consumed in the blast, but the Leonov breaks away and begins its long journey home. The new star's miraculous appearance later inspires American and Soviet leaders to seek peace. Over the centuries that follow, Europa gradually transforms from an icy wasteland to a humid jungle covered with plant life. A Monolith stands in the primeval Europan swamp, waiting for intelligent life forms to find it.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_%28film%29

Above three images - the first is Jupiter which stats to become a "fusion" star (in the film), the second is Jupiter starting to be a star and destroying Discovery starship, third images is the "to be inhabited by spontaeously generated life" satellite of Jupiter, Europa (see article below).

 "Jupiter's Europa moon is 'more likely to support life than the deserts of Mars', claim NASA scientists
  • Europa is the sixth closest moon to the faraway planet
  • Scientists say that it has an ocean and a thin shelf of ice
  • It was discovered by Galileo in January 1610 
 By Steve Nolan

Theory of the "nuclear fusion" as source of energy of the stars is born in the thirties by Hans Bethe and Carl von Weizsacker

Hans Bethe:

"....Bethe was born in Strasbourg, Germany, the son of Anna (née Kuhn) and Albrecht Bethe, a professor of physiology.[5] Although his mother was Jewish, he was raised a Christian in the religion of his father. Despite having a religious background, he was not a religious person in later life[6] and called himself an atheist.[7] 

Bethe studied physics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, and went on to earn his doctorate from the University of Munich with supervisor Arnold Sommerfeld, after which he did postdoctoral stints in Cambridge and at Enrico Fermi's laboratory in Rome. He was influenced by Fermi's simplicity and Sommerfeld's rigor in approaching problems, and these qualities influenced his own later research......." [Wikipedia]

Below, the logo of University of Munich with Queen of Heaven and Tammuz:

Weizsäcker was allowed to return to the part of Germany administrated by the Western Allies in 1946, and became director of a department for theoretical physics in the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Göttingen. From 1957 to 1969, Weizsäcker was professor of philosophy at the University of Hamburg. In 1957 he won the Max Planck medal. In 1970 he formulated a "Weltinnenpolitik" (world internal policy). From 1970 to 1980, he was head of the Max Planck Institute for the Research of Living Conditions in the Modern World in Starnberg. He researched and published on the danger of nuclear war, what he saw as the conflict between the First World and the Third World, and the consequences of environmental degradation.
In the 1970s he founded, together with the Indian philosopher Pandit Gopi Krishna, a research foundation "for western sciences and eastern wisdom".

 After his retirement in 1980 he became a Christian pacifist, and intensified his work on the conceptual definition of quantum physics, particularly on the Copenhagen interpretation.
His experiences in the Nazi era, and with his own behavior in that time, gave Weizsäcker an interest in questions of ethics and responsibility. In 1957, he was one of the Göttinger 18, a group of prominent German physicists who protested against the idea that the Bundeswehr (West German armed forces) should be equipped with tactical nuclear weapons. He further suggested that West Germany should declare its definitive abdication of all kinds of nuclear weapons.
In 2007, Weizsäcker died at the age of 94 in Söcking near Starnberg. Opinions are split on the question of whether he accepted his share of responsibility for the German scientific community's efforts to build a nuclear weapon for Nazi Germany.
......" [Wikipedia]

"...Solar collapse not fusion has been found to be the cause of solar energy. But that would undercut the entire Big Bang theory.....The problem is the fusion process should produce lots of subatomic particles called neutrinos, and each  square inch of earth's surface should be hit each second by a trillion  neutrinos...The scientific bases for solar collapse , as the source of solar energy, was developed over a century ago by two brilliant scientists: Hermann von Helmoltz and Lord Kelvin. But evolutionists cannot accept this possibility, because it would mean the universe (and the earth) is much younger. Nuclear fusion would mean billions of years for a star's life; solar collapse only a few million..............." From the Evolution Handbook - Evolution Facts, Inc.
  Modern science is simply the War On Creationism by the Roman Empire. After having entered the key words, look at the first page appeared on Google searching engine:

[image impossible to upload]

   If you explore one of the anti-Creationist site, you have the sensation of a war of annihilation against Creationism and the believing in a God. Notice the years of the experiments quoted in the anti-Creationist site:

The Solar FAQ

Solar Neutrinos and Other Solar Oddities

 URL: http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/faq-solar.html

  Take a look at the scientific bombing. The greatest number of experiments in that page quoted, occurred no more than twenty years ago! If we consider other ten years of preparation, it is interesting to note that a frenzy was shacking the physic world in order to find the "solar neutrinos". Parallel to this the cinema developed further the Science Fiction based on an universe filled with intelligent form of life whose origin are quite presented as "spontaneous" [f.e. Star Wars]. Isn't this a form of occult coordination between the World  Science Establishment and the Amusement and Cultural Industry? Coordinated by the religion of the Evolutionism?

 In 1964 die-hard evolutionism starts the game:

".......The first solar neutrino experiment (Davis 1964) was based on the "reverse beta decay" of chlorine atoms. It consists of a large tank placed deep in a mine in South Dakota, USA. The tank is filled with some 600 tons of cleaning fluid, perchloroethylene, containing more than 1030 atoms of chlorine. Every few days, one of these atoms is reverse-beta-converted into argon. According to the standard solar model, an atom should have been converted every day, but the rate actually measured was no more than half of this. In 2002, Davis received the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on solar neutrinos..........."

Then the experiments literally 'exploded'. And at the same time,  also the UFO/Alien abduction brainwash agenda :

"........Two important new solar neutrino experiments have reported results during the past two years. GNO (Altmann et al., 2000) is a new, larger gallium experiment, intended to add weight to the existing data. But the one called SNO is novel and highly significant. It utilizes, among other things, the "reverse-fusion" reaction mentioned above. This enables it to distinguish between different neutrino flavors, and between different types of neutrino interactions, something that Super-K does only with difficulty, and the reverse-beta experiments not at all. The value of this is discussed in e.g. Fogli & Lisi & Montanino (1998) or Villante & Fiorentini & Lisi (1999). SNO started taking data in 1999 (Sincell 1999), and has now reported its first results (Ahmad et al 2001a, 2001b, 2002a, 2002b). On one hand, the number of electron neutrinos remains too low, same as the other experiments see. But what's new is that the SNO results unequivocally show that the total number of neutrinos, adding all flavors, precisely match the predictions from the standard solar model. In other words, neutrinos appear to be converted from one flavour to another en route, and arrive as a mixture of flavours. This kind of flavour mixing is explained in section Neutrino oscillations below.........." [same URL of above]
All that they transmit is a feeling of self-building of premises and conclusions which runs inside a closed system, the Scientific Evolutionary Establishment. Can you trust such an Evolutionist  Bureaucracy?

"...."2010 (also known as 2010: The Year We Make Contact) is a 1984 American science fiction film written and directed by Peter Hyams...."

".....2010: Odyssey Two is a 1982 best-selling science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke. It is the sequel to the 1968 novel 2001: A Space Odyssey,......". [both from Wikip.]

Above image - original caption "Jupiter's diameter is one order of magnitude smaller (×0.10045) than the Sun, and one order of magnitude larger (×10.9733) than the Earth. The Great Red Spot has roughly the same size as the circumference of the Earth.". Keep in mind that Solar mass is 1,000 [= 10exp3] times the one of Jupiter - URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter

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